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Human Rights Network Group

The Human Rights Network Group focuses on questions related to the use of the Internet in human rights activities. The organization supports the major Web portal Human Rights Online ( and a number of other network resources relating to human rights.

Post Office Box № 10, Moscow 117593, Russia.

Human Rights Network members pay particular attention to joint projects with other organizations. In the last few years, the protection of online privacy has become one of the priority directions of the Group. The Human Rights Network has gained authority as an NGO that uses modern technologies for human rights protection.

Background: The Network Group was registered on May 7, 1997.  In fact, work on establishment of a human rights network began much earlier.  In 1993, the project "Information Human Rights Network" was commenced under the auspices of the Moscow Research Center for Human Rights - a program providing technical assistance to regional colleagues. 

Director:  Andrei Blinushov

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