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Image: Human Rights Glossary by Delila Dizdarevic

Human Rights Glossary by Delila Dizdarevic

The Glossary of Human Rights was revised and amended with Arabian language as compared to the previous edition. The glossary is intended for the activists in the organisations for human rights and professionals who are familiar with these issues. The glossary should assist in understanding of the literature on human rights in French, English, i.e. Arabian, with given translations from Bosnian/Serb/Croat to English, French and Arabian languages.

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Dictionary of terms in the area of human rights by Delila Dizdarevic is intended for activists in the area of human rights and professionals dealing with human rights issues. The purpose of this dictionary is to facilitate better understanding of texts on human rights written in English or French and to help in accurate translation of the texts from Bosnian/Serb/Croatian language into English and French.

Publisher: Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in B&H

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