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Image: Human Rights Album "What the State Could Do or Should Not Do To You"

Human Rights Album "What the State Could Do or Should Not Do To You"

In Sarajevo, on 18 September 1998, in the presence of a big number of invitees, the Human Rights Album, published by the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in BH, was presented in the Human Rights House of Sarajevo. The publication was printed in 5,000 copies and it is intended for the education of young people, primarily pupils in elementary and high schools throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina, on what the human rights are and what they are composed of.

Saturday, 21 October 2000

 On that occasion, the professor Vera Rakic, among else, said:
" ... definitions of human rights in this Album are so simplified that every man, including persons with poor education can understand it. Already recognisable Bosnian language, used by Mister Fetahagic, has become prominent. Conciseness and picturesqueness of the style as well as adequate illustration of the text proof that even monotonous legal expressions can become more simple and understandable to all the people. The text is followed and supplemented by fresh, clear and attractive illustrations of Jelena Vranic. The characters given in all the situations the text speaks about are so warmly and humanely illustrated so that even a "man with weak side" does not look unlikeable. There is nothing in the "Album" what does not mean human understanding, goodness, humanity and justification of proposed definition...".

Publisher: Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in B&H

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