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Index on Censorship is Britain’s leading organisation promoting freedom of expression. Our award-winning magazine and website provide a window for original, challenging and intelligent writing on these vital issues around the world. Our international projects in media, arts and education put our philosophy into action.

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Index on Censorship is committed to promoting and defending free expression. International in focus, it has been publishing a magazine since 1972 and its website provides news analysis and commentary on the crucial issues affecting the international free expression community. Index runs international arts and media projects, and aims to provide a platform for those who are marginalised, censored or prevented in some way from having their voice heard.

Index on Censorship was founded in 1972 by Stephen Spender. Conceived in response to a plea from Soviet dissidents facing show trials in Moscow, it was founded on the principle that freedom of expression -- and the allied freedoms of speech and conscience -- are fundamental human rights that the international community has a duty to safeguard.

Since then Index has reported on violations of free expression from all over the world and has initiated many of the most important debates on censorship issues. Each issue is a mix of reportage, comment, and photojournalism, and we publish banned writing wherever possible. It also features ´Index index? a country-by-country chronicle of free speech violations. 

Index on Censorship is not just a magazine: we continue to broaden our scope, understanding the importance of supporting and providing a platform for free expression. Our vision is to provide a forum for creative thought and action in defence of free speech.

Index hosts an annual Freedom of Expression Awards, has organised a series of debates in universities, and implemented a training programme for media workers in Iraq and Central Asia. There are pressing issues -- of religious hate speech, the curtailing of civil liberties, and the press in many countries unable or unwilling to publish certain opinions or tell certain stories. Freedom of expression remains the keystone of all other human rights and Index is committed to supporting it.

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