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‪Lawyer Hanna Bakhtsina challenged decision of the Ministry of Justice to deprive her of the license

Lawyer Hanna Bakhtsina appealed the decision of the Ministry of Justice of Belarus to deprive her of the lawyer's license.‬

Sunday, 01 October 2017, by Belarusian HRH based on

‪The complaint was sent by mail to the court of Maskouski district on September 26.

"I ask you to recognise the decision, issued by the Ministry of Justice on September 14, as illegal and unjustified.  I also ask you to suspend execution of the decision until the decision of the court and its entry into force ", - said the lawyer.

On September 12 Bar Qualifications Commission of the Ministry of Justice in the course of extraordinary certification of lawyers recognized Hanna Bakhtsina "not qualified enough". On September 14 the Ministry of Justice decided to terminate Bakhtsina's law license, on the basis of the conclusions of the Qualification Commission .

Hanna Bakhtsina connects the decision of Ministry of Justice to the fact that she protected the blogger Eduard Palchys as well as Miraslau Lazouski, the participant of the "Case of patriots", which is not finished yet.

Hanna Bakhtsina is known in Belarus specialist with 13 years of prosecutorial experience and 25 years of experience of advocacy. The last ten years she has been working with many defendants in high-profile cases with political overtones. In particular, she represented the interests of: Enira Branitskaja, accused in 2006 of activity on behalf of unregistered organization (the association of election observers "Partnership"); journalist Irina Khalip in the case of the riots after the presidential election in 2010; Eduard Palchys, blogger and creator of the resource

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