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Image: Support Human Rights House Voronezh through Crowdfunding

Support Human Rights House Voronezh through Crowdfunding

Human Rights House Voronezh has launched a campaign to raise 290,000 RUB (4,043 EUR) with crowdfunding. The amount will cover six months’ rent, secretary costs for the legal aid public reception office, and renovation of the co-working space.

Wednesday, 06 July 2016

You can donate money to HRH Voronezh via the following crowdfunding platform (interface in Russian only):

The video above is in Russian language.

As many employees of HRH Voronezh are volunteers, the primary bulk of the money will be used for rent and utility bills.

HRH Voronezh also has plans to open a library, and to have a space that anyone can use to host training sessions, meetings, and events such as human rights seminars, exhibitions, lectures, movie screenings, and discussions.

Cost breakdown:

  • 200,000 RUB – HRH Voronezh seeks to raise part funding (70%) of the House’s six months’ administration costs. Total administration costs are 49,000 RUB per month (14,000 RUB for secretary salary and 35,000 RUN for rental of the premises).  
  • 50,000 RUB – Will be used to pay for repairs to facilities used for training and meetings.
  • 40,000 RUB – Payment of commissions, taxes and the cost of campaigning.

Human Rights House Voronezh was established in Russia in 2009, and in 2011 became a part of Human Rights House Network.

It is a vital location that provides a space for human rights organisations, activists, lawyers, psychologists, and educators, many of who work voluntarily.

It hosts seminars, lectures, discussions, and events, and offers consultation to local people providing help for victims of human rights violations.

In addition, the House promotes information on human rights, and is engaged in civic education for government officials, employees of NGOs, and activists.

HRH Voronezh performs active human rights work in the region and has good relations with relevant state and municipal bodies, such as the local ombudsperson office.

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