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“Socioscope” Societal Research & Consultancy Center

“Socioscope” is a research-oriented non-governmental organisation founded in 2008 by a group of proactive and young social scientists.

 +374 10 500499

“Socioscope” aims at the enhancement of the processes of development and democratization in the country through conducting unbiased, complex and high-quality social research. The main activities of “Socioscope” also include implementation of educational programs, projects aiming to increase civic and public awareness, through which we try to spread democratic values among society and to improve the situation concerning human rights. To reach our goals we pay great attention to strong collaboration and mutual assistance with other actors of civic society.

“Socioscope” designs, conducts and coordinates research on public awareness, perceptions of legal protection and protection of human rights defenders, on human rights՛ coverage in media, environmental reforms as well as in the area of evaluation of diverse projects. Another area of the organization’s expertise is empowering Armenian civil society through educating local civil society organizations and activists on social science knowledge and methodology by combining theory and activist practices.

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