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Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly Vanadzor

HCA Vanadzor is a non-political, non-religious, non-profit, NGO, which unites individuals who support the supreme principles of Democracy, Tolerance, Pluralism, and Human Rights, as values.

 +374 322 42268
 +374 322 41236
Street address:
59 Tigran Mets, Vanadzor 2001, Armenia

HCA Vanadzor was founded in 1998 as a branch of Helsinki Citizens' Assembly Armenian Committee.  It was registered as an independent organisation in 2001 and was re-registered in 2005 at the Ministry of Justice. The Headquarters of the organisation is in Vanadzor – Lori Regional Center.  HCA Vanadzor has representative offices in Spitak and Yerevan. The geographical scope of the organisation's activity covers both the Lori Region and the entire territory of the Republic of Armenia.

The Vision of HCA Vanadzor is a society formed with the supreme values of Human Dignity, Democracy and Peace.

The Mission of HCA Vanadzor is the promotion and support of civil initiatives, the strengthening of human rights protection, and peacebuilding activities on national and regional.

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