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Journalists’ Club “Asparez”

The general aim of JCA is the protection of Freedom of Speech, Mass Media, Expression and Information. Generally, the principle of the Freedom of Speech, including Freedom of Press, Information and Expression, was in the ideological basis of the establishment of Journalists Club “Asparez”.

 +374 312 50622
Street address:
96 Poushkin Street, Gyumri, Armenia 3102

During last 15 years of the club’s activity about 1100 press conferences and 300 round-tables have been held at JC “Asparez”, featuring discussions and debates of urgent themes, cycles of seminars, training courses. Journalists’ Club “Asparez” periodically conducts public opinion polls and various researches (on Media, official persons, political parties’ and their rating), organizes seminars about the state of Mass Media, and organizes training courses of journalists and cameraman for school children as well as adults.

JC “Asparez” NGO in 2001-2014 won 68 law suits against irresponsible officials for information access (community data, budgets, councils’ decisions and etc.). In 2010 JC “Asparez” launch a database site with huge volumes of community and school information. Budgets of Armenia communities, decisions of councils of communities, State funded schools’ budgets, Schools’ Councils decisions, number of pupils and employees and etc.

Journalists’ Club “Asparez” NGO has successful working relationships with all active Armenian organisations working in Information Freedom, Human rights protection, Anticorruption issue, Mass Media and Journalism development directions, as well as the relation with all of regional TV, Radio Companies and newspapers.

JCA and members of the club are deeply involved in the monitoring and media coverage of all elections, civic initiatives for democratization and environmental movements in Armenia. JCA is one of the main initiators of Gyumri City Council and “City is ours’” civic initiative, which developed Gyumri Chairman of the club elected a member of Gyumri City council for 2012-2016.

Main directions of the new strategy of the Club are:

  1. Control on usage on public funds via transparency, accountability
  2. FOI implementation
  3. Speech and Mass media freedom defence  
  4. Development of local democracy trough public participation stimulation
  5. Army reform, reducing deaths in Army           
  6. Stimulation and development of civic initiatives and media coverage of civic activism.

Journalists’ Club “Asparez” (JCA) NGO was established in 18 Jan, 2000, in Gyumri (NW Armenia, Shirak region, 1988 earthquake zone), Armenia. NGO was registered in RA, the Ministry of Justice in February 28, 2000. The Registration number is 03Ա060758, the Ministry statement number is 211.171.01845. Founders are professionals with journalistic experiences in the field of Mass Media.

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