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Society for Humanitarian Research [SHR]

Society for Humanitarian Research [SHR] is a think tank center, non-governmental organization created in 1997.The organization is officially registered on 14 April,2000. SHR is a member of more than 10 local and international civil society networks. The objectives of SHR - The preparation of the policy and monitoring holding on democratic developments of the society, human rights, migration, conflicts and the development of civil society. - The preparation of the programs aimed at serving the people’s gaining of legal knowledge and providing free legal advice to the citizens, - The preparation of the programs aimed at exploring the conflict and participating in peace-creation process, rehabilitating the people who suffered during the war. - The efforts in the direction of the solution of the Nagorny Karabakh conflict; - The analysis of the situation on Euro integration tendencies in Azerbaijan Blog: YouTube:

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Po.Box 158 SHR
Baku – 1000 Az Azerbaijan

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