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Belgrade Centre for Human Rights

 +381 11 30 85 328
Beogradska 54
11000 Beograd

The principal goals of the Centre are advancement of knowledge in the field of human rights and humanitarian law, development of democracy, strengthening of the rule of law and the civil society in Serbia and Montenegro and other countries in transition from authoritarianism to democracy. In the ten years of its existence the Centre has endeavoured to raise the consciousness of the citizens on the importance and dimensions of the idea of human rights and individual freedoms and to establish a favourable climate for their full respect and enjoyment.

What are the activities?

The Centre has become an institution for human rights education. It permanently organizes schools on human rights which are adapted to needs of various target groups – undergraduate and graduate students, student of secondary schools, lawyers and advocates, judges and prosecutors, political scientist and members of armed forces and the police, teachers of various ranks and officials in local-self government.
The Centre has attached great importance to its publishing activities. It has produced and published many books and pamphlets, including university level textbooks.
In addition to its educational activities the Centre has been active in providing legal assistance and humanitarian aid. This was especially noticeable in the turbulent times of the conflicts in Yugoslavia in the 1990s.

The most important fields of the work of the Centre are:

Public promotional activities (lectures, manifestations, public debates, film and radio productions.)

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