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A journalist and human rights defender beaten in Bosnia-Herzegovina

In a small town, 170 kilometres south of Sarajevo, a journalist and human rights defender was beaten. Incident qualified by the local police as a minor event.

Sunday, 22 July 2012, by Human Rights House Sarajevo

Štefica GalićOn July 18, in Ljubuški, small town 170 kilometers south of Sarajevo, Štefica Galić (right), editor-in-chief of the web portal was severly beaten up.

The incident occured a couple of days after a documentary film was screened in Ljubuški. The documentary “Nedjo from Ljubuški” is a storry about the late husbend of Štefica Galić who was helping the bosniak-muslim population during the war in Bosna from the persecutuions and torture commited by croat extreem nationalists. Nedjo Galić was, after his death, awrded for his courage and humanism and the film about him is promoting tolerance and reconciliation.

The local police has qulified the attack against Štefica Galić as a minor incident, which is shameful.

The Human Rights House Sarajevo has condamened this incident expressing solidarity and suport to Štefica Galić, her family, and the journalist working with her. At the same time, HRH Sarajevo has urged the Minister of Interior and the directors of security agencies to make a professional investigation of that case and to bring the perpetrators to justice. 

Human Rights House Sarajevo

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