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Civil society requests dismissal of politically influenced bailiff and school principal

The representatives of media and NGOs expressed protest against the action of the bailiff Giorgi Inasaridze at the round table on freedom of expression held in Tbilisi Human Rights House. According to the participants of the meeting, the bailiff exceeded his authority when he composed the act of administrative violation against the math teacher Lali Kiknadze that gave rise to her dismissal.

Friday, 06 May 2011

The act of administrative violation issued on March 2 of 2011 regarding the math teacher Lali Kiknadze reads as it follows: “Lali Kiknadze addressed the bailiffs rudely (yelling) and expressed distrust towards the reform of bailiff service.”

Kiknadze was dismissed from the job on the basis of the order of Principal Eliso Nikolaishvili. The NGO Article 42 of Constitution defends her interests.

The dismissed teacher Lali Kiknadze states that she does not oppose the reform and has no idea what was the reason of her dismissal.

We believe that the bailiff exceeded his authority as according to the Law on Education, the main function of school bailiff is “to take educational measures towards the students, keep the order in school and suppress the violations.” The act of administrative violation composed by the bailiff represents a political statement, restricts the freedom of expression and cannot be a basis for job dismissal.

We are calling on Georgian government and the relevant organs to adequately react upon the occurred and immediately dismiss Giorgi Inasaridze and the principal of school #8 from the job in order to avoid the same kind of violations in future.

• Article 42 of Constitution; 
• Georgian Young Lawyers Association; 
• Civil Development Institute; 
• Human Rights Center; 
• Diversity Research and Community Activism Association; 
• Newspaper “Kartlis Khma” (Voice of Kartli); 
• Giorgi Kupatadze – editor of IWPR; 
• Davit Mchedlidze – editor of media-portal; 
• Gocha Gamobodze – independent blogger; 
• Shota Khinchagashvili – independent blogger; 
• Teona Akubardzia – independent journalist; 
• Gubaz Megrelidze – independent journalist; 
• Tinatin Mosiashvili – independent journalist;

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