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Race to the EU: Youth in the Last Ranks

Late December, B.a.B.e. representative Suzana Kunac presented significant research results on attitudes towards the European Union among Croatians. Youth are the most sceptical, it seems.

Thursday, 14 January 2010, by B.a.B.e.

For the presentation of significant research on attitudes in the Republic of Croatia on the European Union under the title "EU +? -: Relation of Croatian citizens towards the Croatian Association of the European Union" was in charge Suzana Kunac, representative of B.a.B.e. Mentioned research shows a surplus percentage of young people who express highly euro-skeptical attitudes. 

A round table in the late December, titled "Race to the EU:  Youth in the Last Ranks" was held in The European House Zagreb, by the Croatian Youth Network, B.a.B.e. and the Association Academy for Political Development.

On the reasons for this disturbing situation where young people are rather skeptical about the European Union, spoke:

  • Vesna Pusic, president of the National Committee for Monitoring Negotiations With the European Union;
  • David Hudson, Interim Charge D'affaires at the Delegation of the European Commission to Croatia;
  • Pero Bilusic, from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration.

The discussion was moderated by Nevena Crljenko, Executive Director of the Academy for Political Development.

Youth Network and B.a.B.e. cooperated in the education projects for students in Zagreb. Projects included three high school in which the history of the European Union was taught, along with the mode of functioning of its institutions and opportunities that it provides for young people in Croatia.

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