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Voice of Tibet

Voice of Tibet is as an independent radio station, starting its Tibetan language short wave radio service on May 14th 1996. It was founded by three Norwegian NGOs; The Norwegian Human Rights House, The Norwegian Tibet Committee and Worldview Rights.

 (+47) 22 11 12 09
Kirkegata 5, 0153 Oslo, Norway

Image: Voice of TibetVoice of Tibet's main objectives are to provide a channel for unbiased information and news to the Tibetans living under Chinese oppression in Tibet, to help preserve the threatened Tibetan culture, to educate the Tibetans in internationally acknowledged human rights, to inform about democracy and the democratic institutions of the Tibetan exile community, and to help prevent conflicts and discrimination. Another main objective is to improve communications within as well as between the Tibetan exile communities.

Editorial Contents

Voice of Tibet's journalists work hard to provide a broad coverage of all main issues related to Tibet:

News on the situation from Tibetan exile communities and from inside Tibet
News and events related to activities on Tibet throughout the world
Developments of Tibet issues taking place in the international fora
Democracy movements in the People´s Republic of China
Features, interviews and debates regarding all relevant Tibet related issues
Education and information on human rights and democracy
Features on Tibetan culture, music and folk tales
Reports and information on both traditional medicine and modern health care
Information and reports on environmental issues
Twice a week VOT airs HH the Dalai Lama's latest public speeches in serialised form.

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